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Joshua G 18 edad

I am passionate about making a career in the yachting industry on board a private or charter M/Y or S/Y, where I can combine all my skills with my outgoing nature with the goal of adding value wherever possible.

Chandler V 20 edad

I'm looking for some sailing experience, willing to work for no pay, just looking to learn.

Amine B 25 edad

Dear captain, crew ! My name is Amine.I am 26 years old,my love for yachting began in childhood, when i was engaged in sailing , the sea ,waves, wind-This is my weakness.I am stress-resistant cheerful young man who loves sailing, motorcycles, books.

Timothy Weiler W 61 edad

I live in Wilmington DE and have sailed extensively on the Chesapeake Bay, offshore & coastal. I have owned several boats including 32ft Columbia. I have also captained a boat from Maimi to the Exhumas.

Olga Z 19 edad

I'm an easy going person who fallen in love with sailing. And since then I'm looking for more opportunities to travel on board.

Merlin S 32 edad

Although I have few miles logged at sea, I have many months of experience living on board boats, have good sea legs, and a lot of skill with knots and ropes. I am a fast learner, a hard worker, a good climber, an OK cook and always eager to learn.

Pauline C 24 edad

Pauline, belgian girl who would like to join a crew this summer. I have no experience at all but I'm really motivated to learn everything!

Jeffrey V 23 edad

Went sailing with grandparents as a kid, now as an adult I want to learn for myself.

Victor I 32 edad

I am extremely motivated, hardworking and reliable individual. I am flexible ,adaptable and comfortable in new situations. I can communicate well with all age groups; and I enjoy working as part of a team. I take pride I love sports,nature,animals.

Sheri H 18 edad

I am a positive, dynamic and hard working women who enjoys sailing, working with others, is able to contribute and assist where I can and is eager to learn and experience new challenges. I am aiming to peruse my career in the maritime industry.

Sylvain L 43 edad

Easy going and prepared to relocate, I passed my Yachtmaster Offshore in spring 2019, now looking to work as crew or skipper.

Tereza P 22 edad

I am a girl from Czech Republic, avid hiker, traveller and beerlover! I spent my last two years working and living in New Zealand and Canada. I enjoy diving and have my Open Water course. Cant wait to get into sailing!

Lucinda Shirts S 59 edad

-2019 helped crew an Andrews 70 Hawaii to CA -2018 helped crew a Cal 40 from Hawaii to CA -2018 double handed Beneteau Toronto to NY -2017 double handed a catamaran from New Caledonia to Brisbane I have great letters of reference

Markus S 59 edad

When I was younger I iused to do a lot of windsurfing. With time, I migrated into sailing. I just love being near or on the water. I will enjoy working on almost any job on a sailing yacht. My normal job is an financial engineer.

Victoria L 49 edad

Amateur but willing to volunteer on the basis of becoming an experienced sailor. I'm an Army Veteran. Currently living in Hawaii and originally from Portland, Oregon. I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice.

Zeb H 30 edad

Nashville, TN USA native taking a gap year in 2020 to explore the world.

Ruben A 0 edad

I am an adventure and hard working person looking forward to enlist as a crew. I am able to do and learn new things everyday.

Bjorn V 19 edad

Hard working, very energetic, friendly, leadership skill, I'm an ex rugby player, i dive and bodyboard alot and live for the ocean

Francisco O 56 edad

Vivo y trabajo en Granada

Zac M 43 edad

Just turned 43 on February 18 I married I have three children hey avid sailor I own a 36 foot S to 11.0 I sell it almost every weekend during season on Stockton lake in Missouri which is one of the top 10 sailing lakes in the United States

Lidia ! 32 edad

I love the feeling of freedom when at sea...

Tensia C 48 edad

I adore sailing! I have sailed in the Mediterranean, mainly in the Gibraltar Straits and from here all the way to Cadiz, Mallorca and Morocco. Lately, I have been sailing in the Rias Baixas in the North West of Spain, it is beautiful here! I would like to

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