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Tiara S 39 years old

Adventurer looking to learn more about living onboard. 39 yrs old Motorcyclist Chicken and Yorkie owner Pescatarian (Fish and Veggies) Reiki practitioner Life Guide

Alyssa Cayer C 36 years old

36 yr. Old adventure driven hairstylist with dreams. I want to jump into this career change at a rapid pace and dive into yachting and catamaran life overnight. It is my passion and purpose to be on the water and I windsurf so I have the ability.

Christopher Vella V 35 years old

A sea lover since childhood, always on boats, Waters ports and socialising with boaters. Work in the finance, and sailing is my solace. I'm very social, cook great food, great with cracking jokes, and a good all round handy man to have around.

Chris J 56 years old

New to sailing, but own a Hobie Cat 16 and I've crewed before a few times. I'm a licensed radio amateur (technician), a private pilot - single engine land, and amateur diesel mechanic. I maintain (and sometimes build) all the things I need in life.

Richard M 67 years old

Medical Doctor 40 years international health experience in hardship & conflict zones. Good health, father of four, married, handyman, good cook,in need of sailing experience to buy Amel SM2000. Ready to pay up to 50$/day.

iago G 23 years old

I'm looking for a deckhand position, after bring academy formated in: Maritime transport and deep-sea fishing and Organization and maintenance of the ship's machinery. And after doing my practises as a deckhand in the tug Eliseo Vazquez.

asier G 37 years old

Hola! Llevo mas de 20 años navegando en regatas, y haciendo trasportes de barcos y chárter como patrón profesional. Además soy osteópata y fotógrafo, por lo que puedo montar videos y hacer reportajes fotográficos de calidad profesional.

Annie L 19 years old

I've only been sailing a handful of times, on short day trips. However, I am highly motivated and I want to "get out there" and learn how to be on the water, in any capacity. I have a great ability to learn on the job and think on my feet.

Tom D 53 years old

I am a Forest School mentor working with vulnerable and excluded teenagers. I am fit and capable. I am 53 years old. I ride and drive horses, I am an Archer and do Horseback Archery. I love Chess. My German is poor and rusty I’m alright really.

David C 63 years old

Owned and operated 25’ sailboat for several years. Self taught celestial navigation and coastal navigation. Certified private pilot with multi engine ratings.

Matt Graham G 40 years old

40 years old. Some military, some mechanical abilities, basic first aid, good at improvising, good at adapting, learn quickly, enjoy traveling and have some survival skills. Very social and easy going. Want to sail with someone for the experience.

Joshua G 19 years old

I am passionate about making a career in the yachting industry on board a private or charter M/Y or S/Y, where I can combine all my skills with my outgoing nature with the goal of adding value wherever possible.

Chandler V 21 years old

I'm looking for some sailing experience, willing to work for no pay, just looking to learn.

Amine B 26 years old

Dear captain, crew ! My name is Amine.I am 26 years old,my love for yachting began in childhood, when i was engaged in sailing , the sea ,waves, wind-This is my weakness.I am stress-resistant cheerful young man who loves sailing, motorcycles, books.

Timothy Weiler W 62 years old

I live in Wilmington DE and have sailed extensively on the Chesapeake Bay, offshore & coastal. I have owned several boats including 32ft Columbia. I have also captained a boat from Maimi to the Exhumas.

Olga Z 20 years old

I'm an easy going person who fallen in love with sailing. And since then I'm looking for more opportunities to travel on board.

Merlin S 33 years old

Although I have few miles logged at sea, I have many months of experience living on board boats, have good sea legs, and a lot of skill with knots and ropes. I am a fast learner, a hard worker, a good climber, an OK cook and always eager to learn.

Pauline C 25 years old

Pauline, belgian girl who would like to join a crew this summer. I have no experience at all but I'm really motivated to learn everything!

Jeffrey V 24 years old

Went sailing with grandparents as a kid, now as an adult I want to learn for myself.

Victor I 33 years old

I am extremely motivated, hardworking and reliable individual. I am flexible ,adaptable and comfortable in new situations. I can communicate well with all age groups; and I enjoy working as part of a team. I take pride I love sports,nature,animals.

Sheri H 19 years old

I am a positive, dynamic and hard working women who enjoys sailing, working with others, is able to contribute and assist where I can and is eager to learn and experience new challenges. I am aiming to peruse my career in the maritime industry.

Sylvain L 44 years old

Easy going and prepared to relocate, I passed my Yachtmaster Offshore in spring 2019, now looking to work as crew or skipper.

Tereza P 23 years old

I am a girl from Czech Republic, avid hiker, traveller and beerlover! I spent my last two years working and living in New Zealand and Canada. I enjoy diving and have my Open Water course. Cant wait to get into sailing!

Lucinda Shirts S 60 years old

-2019 helped crew an Andrews 70 Hawaii to CA -2018 helped crew a Cal 40 from Hawaii to CA -2018 double handed Beneteau Toronto to NY -2017 double handed a catamaran from New Caledonia to Brisbane I have great letters of reference

Markus S 60 years old

When I was younger I iused to do a lot of windsurfing. With time, I migrated into sailing. I just love being near or on the water. I will enjoy working on almost any job on a sailing yacht. My normal job is an financial engineer.

Victoria L 50 years old

Amateur but willing to volunteer on the basis of becoming an experienced sailor. I'm an Army Veteran. Currently living in Hawaii and originally from Portland, Oregon. I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice.

Zeb H 31 years old

Nashville, TN USA native taking a gap year in 2020 to explore the world.

Ruben A 1 years old

I am an adventure and hard working person looking forward to enlist as a crew. I am able to do and learn new things everyday.

Bjorn V 20 years old

Hard working, very energetic, friendly, leadership skill, I'm an ex rugby player, i dive and bodyboard alot and live for the ocean

Francisco O 57 years old

Vivo y trabajo en Granada

Zac M 44 years old

Just turned 43 on February 18 I married I have three children hey avid sailor I own a 36 foot S to 11.0 I sell it almost every weekend during season on Stockton lake in Missouri which is one of the top 10 sailing lakes in the United States

Lidia ! 33 years old

I love the feeling of freedom when at sea...

Tensia C 49 years old

I adore sailing! I have sailed in the Mediterranean, mainly in the Gibraltar Straits and from here all the way to Cadiz, Mallorca and Morocco. Lately, I have been sailing in the Rias Baixas in the North West of Spain, it is beautiful here! I would like to

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