WELCOME TO Onboard Space!

Our aim

  • Giving Crewmembers the chance to search for sailing opportunities anywhere in the world and be able to find and apply for them instantly.
  • Giving Boat Owners the chance to post sailing opportunities and be able to accept crewmembers’ applications to their opportunities directly.


It all started one day when we were sitting on the deck of our boat watching boat-hikers walking up and down the pontoon looking for a yacht to take them sailing on an adventure across the Atlantic! Always with a smile on their faces and some time to talk about their travel encounters. Hopefully, the voyages they embarked on were as rewarding and full of amazing stories as they had expected.

Of course, sailing opportunities like this can only be made possible thanks to the gratefulness of boat owners, who happily offer to take crew on their yachts.

We really hope everyone finds the sailing experience they are looking for, and if you are still searching for more, that you can now find it with the help of the Onboard Space platform.

We built the platform, you got us started!!

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